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Categories of Water Damage

Types of Water & Their Resulting Damage, Redondo Beach, CA

There are various types of water damage and your residential and commercial areas in Redondo Beach, CA can also be affected by them. When it comes to water, there are different categories that can affect individuals in different ways. The IICRC’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration states that broadly speaking, there are three types of water damages that exist.

The Types of Water Damage

According to the IICRC, the three types of water damages that occur include the following.

Clean Water:

This type of water damage forms Category I. Clean water is not contaminated in any way as the source of this water, also known as the releasing point, is clean. So animals as well as people who drink this water are not harmed or susceptible to danger if they consume it. This water is safe to drink and its potential sources include vertical falling of rain water, faulty supply lines on appliances, water supply tanks, broken pipes and leaky faucets.

Grey Water:

Another popular word for grey water is waste water. It makes up category II in the types of water damage. It occurs as a result of household activities that take place day in and day out. It is similar to clean water to a certain extent but grey water does comprise of a small amount of contamination. Fecal matter is absent in grey water. If a person or animal consumes grey water, they may feel slightly nauseous and may also experience uneasiness. The potential sources of grey water include flushes from sinks, showers, tub drains, washing machine overflows and dishwashers.

Black Water:

Black water comes under category III in the types of water damage that exists and mainly consists of fecal matter, sewage backup and toilet overflow. If it is consumed by humans and animals it can lead to serious illness and in some cases even death. It is thus an extremely dangerous type of water. It not only is a major component of stagnant water but it also encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. Black water can be found in rising flood water from streams/floods as well as in ground surface water that horizontally flows into homes.

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